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Applications and Benefits.

IOMAX products can dramaticaly increase performance and lower costs across many areas of your business.

This is because reliable high speed acces to data is crucial for almost every major business application from database to mail serving to reporting to analytics.

Not only are IOMAX products significantly cheaper to purchase and run than other ultra high speed storage arrays or caching appliances, IOMAX products allow your business to signficantly reduce spend on server hardware itself.

For example, MySpace cut their hardware needs by 60% whilst actually increasing the performance of their servers:

Plus, as IOMAX products require far less power, cooling and rack space,
you can avoid costly data centre upgrades and put in place a ‘green’ solution
for your business.

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Key benefits of IOMAX ioDrive Duo


Cost Comparison.

Compared to other solutions, IOMAX is provides significantly more
performance for less cost, less power and less rack space:

Case Study.

With over 125 million monthly global active users hitting its heavy load servers, MySpace was suffering poor performance. Adding more servers into the server farm was possible but expensive and required more racks, power and cooling. So it turned to the FusionIO product suite and it delivered:

• Much higher performance & improving the user experience
• Cut hardware needs by 60%
• Significantly reduced its carbon footprint by lowering power and cooling requirements
• Recovered 280U of rack space
• Improved its data center’s reliability and eliminated 2300 failure points
• Paid a much lower upfront price than other solutions

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MS SQL, Oracle and other databases are extremely dependent on IO and require significant storage bandwith and caching to keep the CPUs feed with data.

Using IOMAX for temp databases, indexes and storing high-use tables will provide large performance gains almost instantly and at a significantly less costs than competitor solutions.

Plus IOMAX produts are ideal for holding database back-ups and can bring databases back on line in record time.

Analytics and Reporting

SAP BI, like other OLAP and BI tools such as MS SQL Analysis Services are highly constrained by IO particularly on larger installs with many users. This is because in most cases the OLAP, aggregates or Infocubes are too large to be cached in memory or are accessed by sufficient users to overload the system and process on slow conventional disk arrays.

IOMAX products drive very large performance gains in two ways:
1. Enabling large volumes of data, cubes, aggregates and indexes to be stored on a ultra high speed storage thereby creating a giant non volatile cache.
2. Enabling real-time data pocessing at vastly improved speed to provide cached-like performance to ad-hoc queries.

SAS, a popular anayltical software package is highly dependent on storage IO as it completes most tasks by storing multiple temporary tables and fields on disk.

Hence, an IOMAX powered solution can drive significant performance gains.


The widespread use of virtualisation has placed higher and higher loads on existing servers the performance of can be quickly and easily boosted using IOMAX.

This means that more virtual machines can be hosted on existing hardware at a higher performance per machine thereby saving significant upgrade and migration costs.

Mail Serving

In most organisations, the number of users and sheer size of mailboxes required within Microsoft Exchange and other mail applicatons results in extremely heavy loads on mail servers and hubs along with recovery and back-up services.

IOMAX high speed storage provides instant benefits to MS Exchange by dramtically improving mail processing and access speeds as well as time taken for recovery and backing up.

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