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NEW PRODUCT 1: IOMAX Flash SAN - the ultimate solution for multiple hosts, virtualisation or demanding apps

Demands on Servers and Apps Have Changed - Are You Keeping Up?

With the dramatic increase in load placed on servers and applictions due to rising volumes of data, increased user demands and a high useage of virtualisation, many businesses are left with poor performance. Addressing these performance issues used to be about adding more processors and adding more hard disk arrays.

However, many organisations are now questioning whether spending more and more on old technology is going to deliver the performance they need and do so at a reasonable cost. Now, server and application performance is about extremely fast and reliable access to data. Access that cannot be provided with ageing hard disk archictecture that leaves CPUs starved for data and end-users complaining.

IOMAX products are specifically designed for both speed and reliability and eaily deliver large performance gains to almost any server or application.

How? We use the latest in high speed, high durability solid state NAND technology from Fusion-IO that has a proven pedigree in the toughest environments.

The result? You can now have the I/O performance of multiple enterprise SANs in a single unit or appliance at a fraction of the cost-without sacrificing reliability.

So when next considering how to solve you performance problems, call IOMAX and dont get left behind....

Here is how much performance IOMAX can deliver:

IOPS Performance comparison between the ioDrive and RAM, SAN and SSD

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See the Amazing Video Wall:

Here are 4,500 DVDs playing from a single ioDrive Octal!

Running 512 Virtual machines running on one VMWare View host:

Over 1,000 DVDs playing from a single ioDrive.

Top 5 reasons to contact IOMAX:

Contact us:

1. The CPUs on your database server sit at 10% utilisation whilst users are complaining.

2. Your website has extended delays in processing transactions.

3. Your overnight batch jobs are taking over 8 hours and it's getting worse.

4. You just received a large quote for disk-based SAN that delivers only a small lift in performance.

5. Your virtualised servers are struggling to handle high-demand applications.

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